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2019 Return

10 May 2019

The theater is dark, and the stage stands empty, save for a single microphone. A lone figure approaches from stage left. As they reach the center, their right hand rises. A lone, solitary snap. Spotlights click on, one after the other. The figure smiles and curtsies.

Hey! Long time no talk. New year, new look. I have to give credit where’s it due. This is all due to a dear friend, Duane, @valthonis on Twitter. He posted this article, and it intrigued me. Needless to say, this is motivation for me to start blogging again as the mood strikes me.

If you had visited my blog from late 2017 ‘til now, you’d have seen precious little, and nothing from before. That’s because I thought I had lost all my previous content from when this blog was hosted on Wordpress.

Plugins and Dropbox to the rescue! I’d installed a backup plugin that had dumped everything to Dropbox, but it wasn’t in the most user-friendly format. I could have had any of a number of talented people take the raw SQL export and write something to convert it, but I wanted to be more hands-on. And to be even more honest, I wanted to see whether any of my old content was actually worth saving.

Reader, I think there was. I had forgotten some of the design work I’d done. But it’s all back now. I wrestled it back out of the raw SQL into a form that you now see reconstituted here. And to me, there is something powerful about having done this.

A great many thanks to Duane once again for his assistance.

And reader? We’ll talk soon…


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