I’m a tabletop games editor. I’ve also been known to do some game fiction, game design, and project management. Here’s a list of projects I’ve been involved in, with links for you to check them out. If you want to hire me for editing, check my current rate sheet here.


Editor: Noir World (John Adamus)

Noir World is film noir, powered by the Apocalypse. A game of emotion, tragedy, risk, and relationships.

Status: Successfully Kickstarted! Release Forthcoming.

Editor: A Far Off Land (Bennett-Burks Design)

A game/setting for Fate Core where modern meets fantasy. Characters have a human side and mythic side, and the tension between the two informs play. Get the PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Released!


Editor: A Night in Seyvoth Manor (DnD 5E) (David Flor, Darklight Interactive)

Cover Art with Spooky Manor HouseA D&D 5E adventure for 6th-level characters about investigating an old mansion to rescue some innocents. Get the PDF at the DriveThruRPG.

Status: Released!



Editor: Dreamchaser (Pete Petrusha, Imagining Games)

Dream-like cover showing a well on top of a hill under a bright skyA storytelling game where the players imagine what their characters’ dreams are, and the GM helps make it happen. Get it here.

Status: Released!



Editor: The Festival of Magic (David Flor, Darklight Interactive)

Colorful cover art depicting two shadowy figures and summoned magical creaturesA D&D 5E adventure for 1st-level characters about shenanigans at a magical festival in a large city. Get the PDF at the DM’s Guild.

Status: Released!



Editor: The Imposters (Ginger Goat)

Moody cover art showing a row of overhead highway lights receding into the distanceAn anthology of games that deal with conspiracy and secrets. Get it in print or PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Released!



Editor: Headspace (Mark Richardson, Green Hat Designs)

headspaceA shared consciousness cyberpunk game powered by the Apocalypse. Think Sense8 meets Blade Runner. Get the PDF at DTRPG or a printed copy and a PDF from IPR.

Status: Released!


Editor: Sig: Manual of the Primes (Jason Pitre, Genesis of Legend Publishing)

sigManualOfThePrimesA new setting for the Spark RPG, this one’s got multiplanar goodness that channels Planescape and Saga. Get it in PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Rele



Editor and Project Management: Bulldogs! Fate Core (Galileo Games)

bullDogsBulldogs!, updated and rewritten to use Fate Core. Grab the core rulebook in PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Released!



heartFuryHeart of the Fury is a full campaign arc for Bulldogs! Fate Core, written by the talented Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan. Can you and your crew figure out what’s going on with the Fury? Will the Fury take over the Frontier Zone? Grab the PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Released!


redStarRed Star adds strange new powers to the galaxy of Bulldogs! Written by Ryan Macklin, this supplement gives background on a solar flare near a Saldrallan penal colony that imbued inhabitants with new abilities. Of course, the Union started a top secret program to weaponize these new powers. Get the PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Released!



No References Required is a Fiasco playset set in the Bulldogs! universe. A perfect fit for the screw-ups and ne’er-do-wells that end up in Class D. Get the PDF at DTRPG. Oh, and you’ll need a copy of Fiasco, too. Grab that from Bully Pulpit Games.

Status: Released!



spacenoirWant even more ways to play Bulldogs! using other games? This one’s a transmission written by Brian Engard for TechNoir, designed by Jeremy Keller. Grab the PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Released!



Lots more species for your Bulldogs! Fate Core campaign or  game. Get the PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Released!



Large ringed space station in orbit above a blue planetPorts of Call: Galactic Central Point details important locations, NPCs, and more to give GMs a way to run adventures in and around one of the galaxy’s most important places, Galactic Central Point! Get the PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Released!


Editor: Baroque Space Opera (Mark Kowaliszyn)

baroqueA detailed setting for Fate Core, this one has a bunch of great stuff, from strange tech to alien species and a galaxy-spanning empire full of history. Get it in print or PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Released!


Editor: Five Elements (EldritchFire Press)

A fiveElementsvariant magic system for Fate Core based on harnessing the classical elements.

Status: Released! Pay What You Want (PWYW) for the PDF at DTRPG.


Editor: Fate Core Character Journal (EldritchFire Press)

fateCoreCharJournalAn all-in-one document to keep all the things you need to know about each of your Fate Core characters.

Status: Released! Get the PDF at DTRPG!



Co-editor: Heroine of Heiankyo (Ginger Goat)

heroineHeiankyoA Japanese fantasy setting by Andy Kitkowski for Heroine.

Status: Released! Get the PDF from IPR or DTRPG.




Underworld: The Exile’s Descent (Quinn Murphy, Thoughtcrime Games)

exilesDescentA Rogue-like tabletop RPG that I got the opportunity to write some encounters for. Get the PDF at Payhip.

Status: Released!



Loga et Dus (Dev Purkayastha, Sweet Potato Press)

logaA drift of Lady Blackbird and Always/Never/Now to tell procedural crime stories in a fantasy, cosmopolitan city setting.

Status: Previously available in the Epimas 2017 bundle


The Quick and the Dead

Ever seen the movie The Quick and the Dead? It’s a game built around that concept and uses Fate Accelerated.

Status: In development. Current draft here.

Memories of Metal and Bone

This started out as a system hack of the Fate Core Iron Edda setting to a mix of Lady Blackbird and Always/Never/Now. Shelved for now.

Status: On permanent hiatus.