I’m a tabletop games editor. I’ve also been known to do some game fiction, game design, and project management. Here’s a list of projects I’ve been involved in, with links for you to check them out.


Editor: Headspace (Mark Richardson, Green Hat Designs)

A shared consciousness cyberpunk game Powered by the Apocalypse. Think Sense8 meets Blade Runner. Get the PDF at DTRPG. Print version to follow.

Status: Released!

Editor: Sig: The City Between (Jason Pitre, Genesis of Legend Publishing)

A new setting for the Spark RPG, this one’s got multiplanar goodness that channels Planescape and Saga. Get it in PDF at DTRPG.

Status: Released! (But there’s an expanded version coming)

Editor and Project Management: Bulldogs! Fate Core (Galileo Games)

Bulldogs!, updated and rewritten to use Fate Core. Thanks to the successful Kickstarter, there’s multiple supplements to this one, including a full-blown campaign.

You can get the core rulebook in PDF at DTRPG. The print version should be available soon (Summer-Fall 2016)!

Status: Released! (Supplements: In development)

Editor: Baroque Space Opera (Mark Kowaliszyn)

A detailed setting for Fate Core, this one has a bunch of great stuff, from strange tech to alien species and a galaxy-spanning empire full of history. Get it in print or PDF at DTRPG.

Editor: Five Elements (EldritchFire Press)

A variant magic system for Fate Core based on harnessing the classical elements.

Status: Released! Pay What You Want (PWYW) for the PDF at DTRPG.

Editor: Fate Core Character Journal (EldritchFire Press)

An all-in-one document to keep all the things you need to know about each of your Fate Core characters.

Status: Released! Get it here!

Co-editor: Heroine of Heiankyo (Ginger Goat)

A Japanese fantasy setting by Andy Kitkowski for Heroine.

Status: Released! Get the PDF from IPR or DriveThruRPG.


Underworld: The Exile’s Descent (Quinn Murphy, Thoughtcrime Games)

A Rogue-like tabletop RPG that I got the opportunity to write some encounters for. Get the PDF at Payhip.

Status: Released!

Loga et Dus (with Dev Purkayastha)

A drift of Lady Blackbird and Always/Never/Now to tell procedural crime stories in a fantasy, cosmopolitan city setting.

Status: Completed!

The Quick and the Dead

Ever seen the movie The Quick and the Dead? It\’s a game built around that concept and uses Fate Accelerated.

Status: In development.

Memories of Metal and Bone

This started out as a system hack of the Fate Core Iron Edda setting to a mix of Lady Blackbird and Always/Never/Now. It’s still in development.

Status: In development.