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13th Age Apostolic Icons 2

25 September 2013

Today, I continue my series on Icons for 13th Age based on the Apostles. Without further ado, I give you the Caretaker and the Thunderer.

The Caretaker

Inspired by Thaddeus (Saint Jude)

The Caretaker has a heart of gold for people. He works in places no one else does without asking for accolades. The downtrodden and those who’ve lost hope look to him. He’s also a favorite amongs clerics and paladins, who seem his an exemplar of humility and mercy.

The Caretaker respects the Thunderer, even if he disagrees with his methods at times. He’s at odds with the Zealot, the Skeptic, and the Collector, as he doesn’t accept their motivations as valid.

The Thunderer

Inspired by James, the son of Zebedee

Quiet and meek until angered, the Thunderer is the voice for those who have no voice. You’ll find him wherever there is injustice, which puts him at odds with the Icons more times than not. His followers tend to be those willing to pick up a sword or axe to defend those weaker than themselves.

He’s on friendly terms with the Caretaker, and maintains an amicable working relationship with the Zealot. He doesn’t care much for the Inquisitor or Betrayer.


hawke said:

Who were these inspired by?

TriskalJM said:

The Caretaker is Thaddeus (Saint Jude), and the Thunderer is James, son of Zebedee.

hawke said:

Neat! You should include the inspirations in future posts, I find it fascinating.

TriskalJM said:

Consider it done!


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