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13th Age Apostolic Icons - The Zealot, The Skeptic

29 September 2013

This represents the third couplet of Apostolic Icons for 13th Age. As I progress through these, I find that some of the apostles are hard to come up with concepts for, as the information about them is sparse. Even if we include church tradition in the mix, I’m having to hand-wave some concepts. I’m not too bothered by this, as I’m more concerned with seeing what falls out.

The Zealot

Inspired by Simon the Zealot

The Zealot is assured of his beliefs and seeks to convince others that he’s correct. He’s not above overthrowing governments (or churches) in order to enlighten people with his version of the truth. Counter-culture revolutionaries and anyone else who’s upset with the status quo might enlist his aid.

He’s worked with both the Conqueror and the Thunderer, so he maintains friendly relations with them both. He also maintains an interesting, but conflicted relationship with the Skeptic.

The Skeptic

Inspired by Thomas

The Skeptic questions everything. Not because he has to, but because he wants to; it’s fun for him. He can be a great boon or a large annoyance, depending on where you stand. People who like to ask questions consider him an exemplar of how we all should be. He even finds followers among cynics and even the odd prankster or two.

He doesn’t really maintain any friendships, but he can tolerate the Revelator and the Inquisitor most of the time. He can’t stand the Zealot and the Conqueror because they act as if they’re sure of everything.


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