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Apostolic Icons for 13th Age

19 September 2013

Several weeks ago, an idea came to me in church (I go to church; I don’t think I’ve mentioned that here before). There are 13 apostles (11 + Judas + his replacement). 13th Age has 13 Icons! Delicious synergy!

Sorry. Back to the matter at hand. Is it possible to come up with an interesting Icon at least partially inspired by each apostle? Today I want to give you a very brief write-up of two of them. These are the Icons inspired by Simon Peter and John.

The Conqueror

Inspired by Simon Peter

Self-assured and headstrong, the Conqueror seeks to bring the entire world under his dominion. God demands his obedience, and those who oppose him have two options: his boot on their throat or his sword in their gut. Military commanders and kings at least pay him lip service, as his favor is a welcome comfort for all those who wish to acquire more territory or influence.

The Conqueror is on good terms with the Revelator and maintains at least an uneasy truce with the Zealot. He hates the Betrayer more than anything in this world.

The Revelator

Inspired by John, the son of Zebedee

The world is full of mysteries and secrets beyond the ken of mortals. The Revelator seeks to pull back the veil between this world and the next. Prophets and scholars call him a boon, as he illuminates that which they seek to find. His followers include madmen, poor souls twisted by the truths of revelation.

The Revelator frequently counsels the Conqueror. He also maintains a policy of non-interference with the Betrayer, as he knew what was to come.


hawke said:

Wow. I cannot wait for you to flesh this out. Hopefully you hope to release 2 of these every fifteen minutes cause I seriously can’t wait.

Mark Craddock said:

Great idea!


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