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Crucible of the Odds 2

22 May 2012

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So this weekend marks the second Crucible of the Odds run! A mostly brave group of crusaders shall enter the ziggurat and face certain death again. Will we actually acquire any skulls this time?

I thought I’d lay out my thought process a bit this time around. I’ve got lessons learned from the last catastrophic run plus some new things I’m learning in the play-by-post I mentioned here.

We’re playing for Child’s Play again, so donations are much appreciated. I’d post the donation widget, but I can’t since this is a Wordpress-hosted blog [Editor’s Note: This was the case at the time. -JM].

1. Attention to Detail

Last time, we were having trouble with analysis paralysis and a lack of attention to detail. This time I’m going to try and be more focused and intentional in both my thought process and the questions I ask.

2. Notes, Notes, Notes

To that end, I’m going to take more notes. I’m bringing my pad of engineering paper with me, so you know I’m serious. This is actually something I do a bit of in my normal campaigns.

3. Calculated Risks

Another thing that I think I did a poor job of was taking calculated risks. We took risks certainly, but in a very haphazard manner. This dovetails nicely with number 1 up above.

4. Rumors and Boasts

We need to remember the rumors and boasts. The mechanics are there in the adventure for a reason. We need to make good use of them.

5. Character Build

I think I’m going with a half-elf bard this time around. I’ll be giving special attention to as many of the following skills as I can: Arcana, History, Religion, Acrobatics, Athletics, Stealth, and Thievery.

What Can I Do to Help?

A few things. Spread the word. Link to this post, or to the blog above. Make a contribution to Child’s Play if you’re able. Listen in on Saturday! We’re planning on streaming it live, although the A/V guys are still working out those details.


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