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Dark Pantheon - More Thoughts

9 July 2019

Last post, I introduced the Dark Pantheon and gave a few organizations dedicated to a few of them. This post adds some more to the mix. As a refresher, here are the members again…

The Pantheon

  • The Broken God / The Shattered God
  • The Chained God / The Captive God
  • The Drowned God / The Dead God
  • The Vocal God / The God Who Speaks
  • The Silent God
  • The Absent God / The Missing God
  • The Dreaming God

The Groups that Venerate Certain Gods

Remember that the belief and praxis of certain groups align with a particular aspect of that deity.

The Order of the Word (The Vocal God)

The Order of the Word, or the Speakers, believe that words have meaning and that there is power in language and speech. Some members of this order offer their services as messengers or officiants for ceremonies. Others are skilled linguists and historians, and a few are minstrels and bards that experiment with the interaction of speech and music.

The Caretakers (The Dead God)

The Caretakers venerate the Dead God. Wherever the struggle between life and death exists (and in this world, that’s bascially everywhere), you’re likely to find a Caretaker. Some are physicians, medics, widwives, or counselors, seeking to help birth, sustain, prolong, and enrich the lives of others. Some are morticians, striving to preserve what they can from rot, and some are preservationists, keeping decay at bay to honor the Dead God. Oddly enough, some are humble farmers and gardeners, paying tribute to death by growing new life.

The Dreamers (The Dreaming God)

The Dreamers are a rarity in the world, and their numbers are few. They sometimes find work as dream interpreters and fortune tellers, but it’s also possible to find a Dreamer working as a specialist physician or an herbalist.


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