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Don't Neglect Your Update

22 December 2011

Thought I’d give a small update on what’s happening around here recently. I haven’t lost steam on the Planescape 4E stuff, I’m just taking a slight break and exercising other parts of my designer brain (also, editor brain is coming online, in case you missed it).

The thing I’m currently hip-deep in is Don’t Rest Your Head, an awesome RPG put out by Evil Hat (I’ve talked about them before). I’m thinking on whether to take a run at this.

The other thing is that one of my submissions to Wizards of the Coast is in a tentative state. I’ve got to put together an outline to show them something more, as my initial pitch intrigued them (Aside: I love the word intrigued).

That’s what I’m currently working on. I know some of you are clamoring for how in the world I would approach the factions in Planescape, but I’m still early on in my thought process there.


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