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Flash Fiction Challenge - The Numbers Game

16 September 2011

This is my entry for Chuck Wendig’s (@ChuckWendig on Twitter) Flash Fiction Challenge that he posted here. Long story short: write a story using three of the following five words (enzyme, ivy, bishop, blister, lollipop) and no more than 100 words in length. Here goes…

Just a numbers game, the bishop thought to himself. The enzyme did what it was supposed to, but in the end it had been too effective. The ivy crawling along the wall just outside was a vibrant green, but not for long. Once the infection reached this place, there would be nothing left alive. It seemed a simple thing, a crawling ivy growing across the stone. Years - maybe decades - of progress. All for nothing now. Huh. I should probably be praying right now. Be plenty of time for that later, he thought to himself, as the hatch sealed.


Lindsay Mawson said:

I like that there feels like a lot of back story here that you could delve into in a longer short story! That’s a good thing, makes me want to know more. I liked it!

TriskalJM said:

The ambiguity was by design. ;)

TriskalJM said:

I appreciate the kind words. Thanks all!


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