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Fourthcore Character Creation

26 April 2012

@MilwaukeeJoe runs a cool Fourthcore blog over at Grind4E, and he posted an article called Revenge of the Iron Lich Call to Crusaders about running Revenge of the Iron Lich (RotIL) as Play-by-Post (PbP). I decided to take a crack at generating a character (see his post for more details).

I have very little experience generating fourthcore character or 16th level characters, so I figured it would be a good experience. My thoughts here may or may not reflect good principles of fourthcore character design; this is merely what I perceive to be good ideas. Hopefully, some of the fourthcore folks will weigh in.

One Fell Evening

There’s another disclaimer: RotIL happens in one night, in-game time. This constraint really came into play and affected how I chose daily powers and utility powers. I tried to pick daily powers that were reliable. For utility, encounter powers took precedence over daily powers.

The Long Haul

Powers that gave healing in one form or another were taken over powers that didn’t. Powers that gave saving throws were also prioritized. In lieu of those, I tried to pick powers that dealt a good amount of damage in order to try and speed up fights.

I picked up feats that gave me a chance at surviving longer (Durable, Toughness, etc.).

Skills Are the Key

I have heard that skills become very important with #fourthcore, so I tried to pick feats and equipment that gave me skill bonuses. The equipment was mainly to give bonuses for my untrained skills. I avoided picking the Bard as a class, although I was sorely tempted to (and I actually like 4E bards, so it wasn’t that).

Other Considerations

I’ll present the following bullet list to show a few of the other things I considered (several of these are good for character generation in general):

  • Defenses
  • Damage resistances
  • Mobility
  • Class abilities

I’m currently a second stringer, waiting for someone’s character to die a spectacular and gruesome death, so my hybrid ardent/avenger can come off the bench and get in the game. Think he’s got a chance? Let’s assume heart’s not the issue. Have I built him in a such a way that as long as I bring my A-game, he’s got a shot? Find me in the twitterverse, as always.


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