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Game Chef 2014 - Pilgrimage

17 May 2014

I decided to submit to GameChef this year. It’s the first year I’ve done it. My entry, Pilgrimage is below the break.


Pilgrimage is a LARP. One player is the wanderer, a pilgrim seeking the truth about God as they live their life. The other players are angels, who speak a truth about God to the wanderer, and demons, who speak a truth about God, a falsehood about God, or a mixture of both. While on the pilgrimage, the wanderer should take each truth and transcribe it in written or visual form. This can be anything from a post-it note to a photograph to a poem. When the wanderer feels ready, they should compile these transcriptions into a single, physical artifact: a book of their journey towards God.

The PDF included with this README contains a game card for the wanderer to print on a business card to carry with them during the game.

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