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Icons of Planescape - The Lady of Pain

13 August 2014

Two things led to this post. The first is that I’ve been thinking about Planescape again. The second is this post from Quinn Murphy. Planescape and the Lady of Pain are the intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast and should be treated as such.

The Lady of Pain


“The Lady does not speak, but if she did, you wouldn’t much like want she’d have to say.” -rough translation from a random dabus

Usual Location

You might see the Lady of Pain anywhere in Sigil, but sightings are rare and usually short-lived. Regardless of whether she is physically present, all denizens of the Cage feel her presence regularly.

Common Knowledge

The Lady of Pain is the ruler of Sigil, twice over. She ousted Aoskar during her original rise to power, and she threw the factions out for daring to depose her. She allows no powers within Sigil, and it is said she can never leave. Her dabus go about the city, changing its configuration with a purpose known only to the Lady.

Adventurers and the Icon

Any attempt to change the status-quo in the Cage has the potential to attract the Lady’s attention. Since adventurers are prone to shake up the status-quo, encountering the Lady within Sigil is an ever-present danger. Attempting to prevent a dabus from their task and overt displays of divine might are also provocations.


The Lady of Pain has no true allies, but all the Icons have had dealings with her.


Likewise, the Lady has many enemies, but they work in secret. Each other Icon has a reason to dislike the Lady, even the Peacemaker.


The truth of the Lady of Pain’s history (and her truename) is unknown by all but Aoskar, the dead god whose body floats on the Astral.

The True Danger

The Lady of Pain will recover her truename and leave the Cage. The planes of existence will be forever changed, if they survive.


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