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Initial Thoughts on a Fourthcore Dungeon

22 April 2012

Disclaimer: This post will contain my thought process on a fourthcore dungeon I’ve been kicking around for a while. It might be a bit spoilery in places, but I need to get the thoughts down before they evaporate. I’ve got one big surprise in mind, so I’m going to keep that one close to my chest.

Ideas are a mix of my own pondering mixed with random dice rolls using the Fourthcore Alphabet as a guide.


The dungeon is a vault in the astral plane, said to contain the corpse of a dead god or primordial. The vault has three wings, representing three powerful elements: lava, acid, and void. The chambers contain an odd mix of planar creatures and angels.

Acid Wing

The acid wing must have one chamber that contains a cylindrical walkway with portholes in it. The entire walkway radiates arcane magic (for those attuned to such things). The porthole offers no resistance, and indeed pulls in anyone that dares to stick an appendage in. The surprise here is that the entire room is a gelatinous cube, punched through with magically warded corridors. Traps and monsters in the wing may destroy sections of corridors, turning the whole wing into a maze if the crusaders aren’t careful.

Lava Wing

I’m still working on what this wing should contain, but one feature will have to be a trap that turns PCs into lava golems when triggered (there’s an old twitter joke here for those that have been following me long enough).

Void Wing

Void represents nothingness in this dungeon. A primal force that cause things to cease to exist (think similar to the elemental plane of void from Planescape - that’s right, I have to include a Planescape reference). Trial should involve a trap that makes pockets of void appear randomly, I think. Another option is to have a spherical area of void in a room that the crusaders must cross through and survive.


Like I said before, these are my rough thoughts, and I welcome any feedback. For those of you into fourthcore, am I on the right track? Does it sound interesting? Hit me up on Twitter.


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