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Lament for the Loss of Discovery

28 June 2010

I play World of Warcraft, yes, I said it. I’ve played since open beta, and I was even able to get a copy on release date without preordering (a herculean task I believe). I’ve taken several long breaks during that time, some of them more than a year. I have never enjoyed playing more than I enjoy the experience right now.

I have noticed one thing that troubles me, and I’d like to air my thoughts about it briefly.

The sense of discovery is thwarted in high-level raids. I can remember a time years ago, when I stepped into the Molten Core for the first time. I had worked hard to become attuned, and I was ready for a new experience. Stepping through that green portal made me nervous. What would I find on the other side? I had heard rumors and whispers of what was to come: packs of hellhounds, demons, elementals, horrors beyond the imaginings of my night elf brain.

Fast-forward to now: My little night elf hunter has climbed to level 80 and fought terrors that threatened to shake the foundations of the world. My guildmates and I have begun the assualt on Icecrown Citadel, the fortress of the dreaded Lich King.

Gone is the sense of wonder at seeing a new boss for the first time. It is almost a necessity that you know the fight before getting to the boss. Time spent reading forums or viewing videos to know the basic strategies and boss abilities is highly valued.  While I understand the desire for this, I miss that sense of wonder that I had that first time I stepped into MC.

And yes, I’m aware that there are still moments of wonder that one can experience in game. The battle at the Wrath Gate is one of them. I simply long for those bygone days…


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