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Link Roundup - dndnext

10 January 2012

This post is mostly for me, but I thought others might benefit from it as well. This contains links to all of the articles that I’ve found so far dealing with the newest edition of D&D (#dndnext). It contains everything from announcements to tidbits of what the new system looks like (yes, there’s enough established to do this)

“Official” / News Sites

The Team

  • Mike Mearls
  • Greg Bilsland
  • Monte Cook
  • Bruce Cordell (plus some comments about the OGL here)
  • Robert J. Schwalb
  • Jeremy Crawford
  • Tom LaPille
  • Rodney Thompson
  • Miranda Horner

Our Favorite Cast of Bloggers

Hopefully, I’ll be able to add to this list as I find others. These are in no particular order, and I make no statements as to whether I agree or disagree with anything any of these have said now or in the past. I’m merely linking because they’ve mentioned #dndnext, and I’ve found the link.

  • Teos Abadia (aka @Alphastream) (link 1, link 2)
  • Tracy Hurley (aka @SarahDarkmagic) (link)
  • Judd the Librarian at the Githyanki Diaspora (link)
  • Dave “The Game” Chalker at Critical Hits (link 1, link 2)
  • Enrique Bertran (aka @NewbieDM) (initial post, Realms musings)
  • Ben Gerber at Troll in the Corner (link)
  • Jerry LeNeave at (link)
  • Joseph Bloch at Greyhawk Grognard (link
  • David Gibson (aka @DnDJester) (link)
  • Owen K. C. Stephens (aka @nosferatu1208) (link)
  • Benoit at Roving Band of Misfits (link 1, link 2)
  • Tracy (aka @Rolling20s) (This Is My Game, Sand and Steam)
  • Sersa Victory (aka @saveversusdeath) (link)
  • The Evil GM with two posts (link 1, link 2)
  • LeonineRoar (link)
  • Paul S. Kemp (link)
  • Erik Scott de Bie at (link)
  • Michael (aka @OnlineDM1) (link)
  • RupertG at Dice of Doom (link
  • The Tome Show (link)
  • DMfumbl (link)
  • Skyland Games (link)
  • Jonathon (aka @EldritchReverie) (link)
  • Shimmertook at Rules as Unwritten (link)
  • Michael at Neuroglyph Games (link)
  • Gamer’s Assembly link roundup (link) [There will be duplication, but I’m trying to be as complete as possible]
  • Darryl Mott Jr. (aka @Abstruse) (link)
  • Matt Dukes (aka Vanir aka @direflail) at Critical Hits (link1, link 2)
  • TJ Tarwater at Troll in the Corner (link)
  • Dice Monkey Radio podcast at the Tome Show (link)
  • BlindGeekUK (aka @adampageuk) at Daily Encounter (link)
  • Greg Cristopher’s comment on Google plus (link) [Take time to read the comments]
  • David Flor (aka @BrainClouds) (link 1, link 2)
  • The Id DM (aka @TheIdDM) (link) [Circular reference, woot!]
  • Ed Grabianowski (aka @therobotviking) (i09, Robot Viking)
  • Mike Shea (aka @slyflourish) (link)
  • Robin D. Laws (link)
  • The Learning DM (link)
  • Steve Winter (aka @StvWinter) (link)
  • That Robed Guy (link)
  • Danny Rupp (aka @Bartoneous) at Critical Hits (link)
  • Sage Latorra at Syntax Error (link)
  • Ryan Macklin (link) [Just because I want to. While succinct, he makes some fine points.]
  • Randall Walker (aka @deadorcs) (This Is My Game)


This one may be a little harder for me to update, as I don’t follow a lot of webcomics. With that said, I have to include the first link in this section, as Brian is an amazing artist, and I think visually captured Monte and Mike extremely well here.

  • Brian Patterson (aka @d20monkey) (link)


theabstruseone said:

It’s Abstruse. You left out the S. :p

And my real name’s Darryl Mott Jr. if you want to use that instead. Thanks for the link! I’m in great company!

TriskalJM said:

Oops! First mistake. My apologies, it’s fixed now!

Brent P. Newhall said:

Great selection!

FYI, we’ve been maintaining a similar list, continually updated, at which includes a couple more links than listed here.

popesixtus said:

Thanks for this list!

benensky said:

Great List!!! Thank you.


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