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Marco Polo Sucks Compared to Ibn Battuta

8 February 2013

Ever heard of Ibn Battuta? No? It sounds like your history class was as eurocentric (read: lacking) as mine. This man was amazing; his passport (if such a thing had existed at the time) would be more impressive than all of his contemporaries.

Enter my fellow game designer and friend, Quinn Murphy. Quinn’s been blogging some amazing stuff in honor of Black History Month (and I’ll have to tell you some other time how I’ve come to see BHM as a good thing). One of his blog’s contributors, Ryven Cedrylle (another game designer and friend), posted this awesome article yesterday and included a Spirit of the Century character sheet. He or Quinn (I can’t remember which) remarked on Twitter that it would be nice to see a Fate Core version.

How could I resist? I threw this together pretty quickly, so forgive its roughness. I give you Ibn Battuta, Fate Core character reporting for duty.

As we like to say at my workplace, here’s a rock, feel free to polish, chip away, or replace.


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