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Night's Black Agents

1 April 2012

Super-spies vs. vampires? Yes, please! Night’s Black Agents (NBA) from Pelgrane Press takes this concept and cranks it to eleven. Kenneth Hite (@kennethhite on Twitter) has taken the GUMSHOE system and run off to battle otherworldly horrors with it. My cursory reading of the rules has me excited to see what the system is capable of.

I’ve been running through character generation in order to play in John Adamus’s (@awesome_john on Twitter) Tinker Tailor Vampire Die campaign. He’s even been posting the entire campaign at Enworld. My cloud agent, Ezra Corvus, was a blast to build. Character generation is an important part of any game system, and NBA gets it right. There’s plenty of options, but they don’t overwhelm. Character history and motivation is baked right in.

As part of character generation, I took the existing character sheet (Excel spreadsheet) found here (made by Kevin Kulp) and fiddled with it a bit to get my own version. I’ve included the PDF version here in case others may get some use out of it. I might be persuaded to include the excel version too, if there’s interest.

Have you played Night’s Black Agents or GUMSHOE? What did you think of it?


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