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NPCs for Loga et Dus

13 May 2019

I apparently got a wild hair one day years ago and started fleshing out the NPCs listed in Casefile 1: Ablaze of Loga et Dus (and adding more). I’m pretty sure this is how I chose to portray them the few times I ran the game.

Captain Nnedi

Nnedi is a tall, slender femme with a bald head. Their ears are pierced, and they wear a thick, gold choker about their neck. They captain the Wavecutter and have for decades. You couldn’t tell to look at their face, though there’s a timeless quality to it, but the eyes reveal the truth. When in port, you’ll find them on the docks, never far from the Wavecutter.

Councilor Arna Jhan

Arna Jhan is one of the city’s Councilors. The son of a wealthy merchant, Arna has devoted his life to holding the merchant police to a high standard, ever since their involvement in his parent’s death, a cold case that many have tried to close. He’s average height and build with long, straight, brown hair that he typically wears in a half ponytail. He has impeccable fashion sense, and he prefers to wear long button-up coats in vibrant colors. He tends to frequent outdoor cafes around the city, when he’s not in chambers.

Valessar Miles Derard

Miles Derard is heading up the investigation, and he takes his duty seriously. No one’s ever seen the man smile, and he’s always sporting a five-o’clock shadow. High cheekbones, close-cropped hair, and gray eyes complete the don’t mess with me look. Tanned, leathery skin and a brown uniform give him an almost monoochomatic look. He carries a long knife and a pistol on his belt.


Jaref is a jovial, portly fellow that works for Nila’s mother in Hakaman Plaza. He has an earring in one ear, and he usually wears outlandish outfits that don’t always fit him well, but he rocks them. He’s sharper than he pretends, hearing and passing on the scuttlebutt around town. He likes strong drink, and not many can hold up in a drinking contest with him. If you’re having trouble with leads, he’s a good place to start.


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