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One of the Reasons I Play D&D

8 July 2010

One of the reasons I play D&D is that some of the moments that can occur are truly epic and worthy of any blockbuster action flick. Last night, I was privy to one of these moments.

We had managed to survive another encounter in the wastelands and had come to a sheer rock cliff rising 100 feet into the air. While we were pondering what to do, a band of ssurans attacked us. After engaging them, a massive ankheg (a 20-foot monstrous insect, see the picture) rose out of the sand. Our ranger engaged in a struggle of wills with the ssuran shaman over control of the ankheg. Our ranger won out, and the ankheg proceeded to lay waste to the other ssurans. At one point, one of the ssurans (let’s call him Bob) jumped up onto a 20-foot climb to attack our thri-kreen. The 20-foot ankheg rose up out of the sand, grabbed him with its mandibles, and ripped him from the cliff. I can only imagine what that scene would look like in a movie. Picture what the thri-kreen would have seen. The ankheg then scuttled backwards, and raked him with its claws and tore him limb from limb. Score one for the ankheg!



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