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People You Should Be Paying Attention To

4 August 2014

Today, I want to point out some people you should know if you don’t.

Quinn Murphy

Quinn’s the mastermind behind Thoughtcrime Games, and he’s working on something a lot of people have tried to do before: create a hip-hop RPG. It’s called Five Fires, and it’s amazing. I’ve gotten the opportunity to play it several times and it’s been a blast each time. As if that weren’t enough, he’s also an all-around nice guy and deep game thinker. If you’re into fighting games or how to put realistic cultures into your games, Quinn’s your guy.

Here’s his Patreon link.

Avery Alder

Avery is the talented designer responsible for MonsterHearts, The Quiet Year, and Dream Askew. Buried Without Ceremony is where they call home. Avery’s designs are amazing, and their willingness to be transparent and discuss things is commendable, especially since it is so rare. I appreciate Avery so much, even though I don’t know them that well.

Here’s their Patreon link.


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