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Planescape 13th Age - Bariaur

25 September 2013

A while back, I did a Planescape conversion for D&D4E. Since I’m on a 13th Age kick right now, I thought I’d see if I could re-port those races over to 13th Age. Now, I considered taking my 4E incarnation as the base, but I decided against that. Instead, I went back to the source material and ported from there.

Today, I present the Bariaur. Once again, I am avoiding the sexual dimorphism because we’ve progressed beyond that, honestly. I like the results thus far, and I’d love to see someone try them out at their table. I’ll definitely give them a whirl once I get the chance.

Side note: it’s pretty easy (and lots of fun) to come up with 13th Age races.


Physically resembling the crossing of a human with a ram or ewe, the bariaur are a carefree people. Freedom, laughter, the joy of victory: these are to be valued above honor, duty, or gold. They tend to have a wanderlust that some view as irresponsibility, but this isn’t the case. They tend to be sociable and friendly without being overly trusting. Due to their planar nature, some of them possess a magical resistance. Others - whether because of horns or just because it’s fun - take pleasure in beating their heads against their opponents.

+2 STR or +2 INT

Choose one of the following racial powers:


Once per battle, when you make a melee attack, you may make an additional 1d4 weapon attack.

Champion Tier: On a 16+, you also daze the opponent.

Mystic Resistance

Once per battle, you may add a +d6 to your defense against one magic-based attack.

Champion Tier: If the attack hits you, you may use Mystic Resistance again this battle.

I’m Hardheaded (Pre-req: Bariaur, Headbutt): Add the Escalation die to your Headbutt damage.

Adaptive Resistance (Pre-req: Bariaur, Mystic Resistance): You may add the die after the roll.



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