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23 June 2010

I know I’m early with my post, but this one is kind of an intermission.

Ok, so I’m checking Facebook and I run across a link to this. I remember this show being a huge cult hit, and I think I even remember watching a few episodes. Anyway, I enjoyed the clip, thought others might, and the more I can do to create more complexity and interrelation in this strange organism called the World Wide Web, the better.

To wax philosophical for a moment, I believe this clip shows a side of Dungeons and Dragons that those of us who play (or wanted to play but never got the opportunity to) have a hard time convincing those who aren’t in on it. Kudos to the writers for this vignette, for bringing light to the darkness that has covered the glorious landscape that is D&D and roleplaying games in general.


Nick said:

I love Freaks and Geaks (where that clip came from). But I seem to always like the failed shows.

TriskalJM said:

I think some of the best shows get cancelled. I believe it’s because they never gain the critical mass needed to dismiss the naysayers.

Firefly is a good example, although I didn’t know about it until after it was canceled, and I haven’t seen the whole series.


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