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Retooled Lord of Chaos Epic Destiny

7 March 2012

I had the wonderful opportunity to be on Tome Show Episode 191 last night with Jeff Greiner (@Squach on Twitter), Tracy Hurley (@SarahDarkmagic on Twitter), and Michael (@ClayCrucible on Twitter). We had an awesome time talking about the newest D&D 4e book, Player’s Option: Heroes of the Elemental Chaos.

My purpose today is not to rehash what was said there. You can listen at the link above. My purpose today is to try and create my own implementation of the Lord of Chaos epic destiny (found on page 140). Michael and I both felt that this epic destiny left a lot to be desired, so I thought I’d take a crack at improving it (with all due respect to the designers that crafted it).

Without further ado, I present my altered version of the Lord of Chaos. (Note that I’m only including the mechanics, as I don’t want to reprint the entire entry from the book.)

Lord of Chaos

Master of Chaos

I’d keep the level 21 and 24 abilities intact.

At level 25, gain the Minor Whim of Creation power (which was the level 26 utility power with a few changes).

Minor Whim of Creation Power

At level 26, gain the Whim of Creation power (brand new).

Whim of Creation Power

At level 28, the Lord of Chaos also gains the ability to use his primary stat instead of Intelligence for the Influence Unstable Plane skill (page 10 of the Manual of the Planes).

At level 30, the Whim of Creation power is replaced with the Chaotic Whim power.

Chaotic Whim Power

I also think it would be a good idea for the DM to suggest/impose that the Master of Chaos create a demiplane or stronghold within the Elemental Chaos as part of his destiny.

These are my rough thoughts on what would be good. I haven’t playtested them, but I’d love to hear about it you use it at your table. Also feel free to tweet at me if you have comments or suggestions. (I’ll even take criticism, as long as it’s constructive.)