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The Storm Is Coming for Blizzard

6 July 2010

Edit: Check my updated post here.

Edit: This post should help illuminate some of you who are sitting on the fence.

So, Blizzard announced today that users will soon have to post to their forums using their real first and last name. Several people have chimed in on this, and I’m sure many more will in the days to come.

First, let’s deal with the pro-side: trolls. Internet TrollThis change prevents trolls from proliferating as easily. It might also stop some of us (myself included) from replying in haste, as is easy to do on the interwebs. I suppose there is also the possibility that it might let you discover that a co-worker, friend, or acquaintance shares the same hobby as you, but let’s face it: this is likely to happen regardless of you posting with your real name.

Next, let’s deal with the con-side: lack of privacy. While I am not averse to using my real name (my profile has my real name on it), I understand that several people don’t want that information out there in the ether. I stand with these people and think they should be allowed to keep that information private.

I would prefer that Blizzard make it an option to post with either your real name or your primary character’s name (and game and server perhaps). Hopefully Blizzard will realize this mistake and correct it before Starcraft II goes live on 27 July.

Read the announcement here.


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