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Unnar the Mythender

25 May 2011

So, Jeremy Keller posted this on his blog the other day. I’d seen posts from Ryan Macklin before, but for some reason hadn’t seen Mythender before. Color me intrigued.

I decided to take a crack at it. It was an interesting experiment thinking of a god-slaying hero. I didn’t want something overtly dark, as I tend to shy away from that sort of thing, but I hope I landed on something that works within the context of the setting (which I only have Ryan’s intro text and a few interactions with him to go on). Hopefully an outsider’s impression of character building will be beneficial to Ryan.

Due to a small misunderstanding of the scope of the system, I stayed with the Norse feel. I had the thought for a Mythender that has taken up arms against the gods knowing he will one day become one of them and need to be put down. He sees it as the way the world works, and there is no escaping it or feeling bad about it. The first on his list is Forseti, the god of justice, for the world is not just.


I struggled a bit with whether I wanted to take Bearer or Loremaster, but Bearer eventually won out.

How did you gain your relic? It was given him by his mortal mother although even she did not know its power.

What does your relic whisper to you when you touch it? “Birth and death, the only justice”, over and over again, said rhythmically, like the drums of battle.

Do you trust your relic? Why/why not? Of course. To do otherwise would be foolish, for the bond between him and it must be strong.\n


\nIt was hard to choose one of these. Forgive my choice, for I fell back to a somewhat cliche but useful trope. He’s an Abomination, and Forseti is his father.

What Myth are you born from? Forseti, the god of justice

Why did your mythic parent reject you? My character does not know, but Forseti will answer before he dies.

What did you gain from your mortal parent? A sharp wit, and not to rely on the gods for anything.


Obviously, the first weapon must be a relic, since he’s a Bearer.

First Weapon

Justice, the Greatspear is my Weapon.

I use it to end Myths by… stabbing them in the heart.

Second Weapon

Here, I decided to go with an intrinsic weapon.

A wit to rival Loki’s … is my weapon.

I use it to end Myths by… confounding their minds or catching them off guard.

Third Weapon

Struggling a bit on this one, but we’ll throw a Hail Mary and see how it does. Another intrinsic weapon.

A strong and innate sense of justice …is my weapon.

I use it to end Myths by… standing firm in my belief in ultimate justice (the death of the gods) no matter what comes.


I love this section. It’s interesting, even if I’m not sure how it plays out in game. Maybe one day I’ll be able to play it. I had to go with the Myth of Judgment. This is definitely a very cool part of character creation. Spend some time here; don’t just rush through it.

The Presence of Judgment

The sudden upwelling in a mortal of guilt …happens around me.

The Forms of Judgment

Mortal Form

I appear as… a tall warrior with hard features, wearing a mail shirt and wielding a greatspear.

Paragon Form

I appear as… a tall warrior with white pupils, wearing a mail shirt and wielding a great-spear.

Supernatural Form

I appear as… a tall warrior with white pupils, wearing a black mail shirt and wielding a great-spear.

Godly Form

I appear as… A tall warrior clad in a mail shirt blacker than the deepest night, with grey skin and a visage devoid of all emotion and white pupils. Wailing occurs all around him, like voices crying out.


Since I have no other Mythender but Jeremy’s to go on, I’ll go ahead and create a bond with her.

I hesitate to slaughter Halla because she stands with me.

I hope I’ve done this properly. Fate and justice are sometimes intertwined, so it makes some sense that there would be some kind of camaraderie and shared purpose there.


This is Unnar, Mythender, desiring to slay Forseti, and help Halla slaughter the Norns.


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